Series G – Roller Ironers

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The series G is divided into G 15-35, G 18-35. G 21-35, G 12-25 and G 14-25.

These new models of drying ironers are gas heated and were born from GMP experiences in the field of thermoregulation, from over a year of laboratory tests and from a planning careful to basic-parameters. Among them, constructive simplicity, maximum efficiency in the components and quality results superior to what already present on the market. Equipped with frontal linen return and characterised by a particularly compact structure, these ironers can be positioned at few centimetres from the wall, allowing working in little space but comfortably and in safety. The machines of series “G” have a rotary roller hauled by drying belts purposely created.

Technical Data

Table Serie G

The combustion chamber created inside the roller is heated by an innovative titanium-steel burner, which we believe being nowadays the most performing and reliable in our sector. A long research, realised by a primary Brand in the burner sector and developed in cooperation with our technical department, has allowed to optimise combustion through the right exhaust fumes suction and the distribution of power along the whole roller surface.

The burner surface is realized with laser for a perfect flame distribution, while inside are installed the components creating the so called “Venturi effect”, at the base of the excellent results of “G” range. Also for the version with electric heating GMP has used the experience of a big manufacturer, obtaining results, which are superior to the actual market level in terms of performances and duration of the single components. To the technical solutions we must add the extreme care of the details and the quality of the materials chosen by GMP. The technical and project choice of this version offers further advantages, such as, by way of example, the reduced maintenance costs thanks to the simplicity of the system.

The belts keep constant the pressure over the roller, thanks to the quality of Nomex material and to an efficacious tensioning system.

Pressure, together with heating power and temperature regulation is one of the basic parameters to consider the quality and the efficiency of an ironing machine. Exhaust fumes and vapours suction systems are separated, following the most recent norms concerning pollution and safety on working place. Every component of these systems has been dimensioned and tested to grant efficiency and safety. The ironing speed can be regulated from 1,6 to 5 m/min, using last generation motors and inverter. Thermoregulation and heating power control are the strong points of “G” series.
The electronic thermostat has been studied by GMP for obtaining great precision and saving energy with performances superior the average. The heating power is controlled trough quality products, hardly tested during the certification. Innovative solutions have allowed us to obtain a rapid answer to temperature subtraction without creating that costly thermal inertia which negatively weights on machine performances.

The burner ignition and shutdown during work are obtained by pressing a comfortable pedal, which also has the function of “rapid stop”, as safety device. The safety devices planned for “G” range go farther than EC directives, including split devices, safety thermostats purposely calibrated, pressure switches on the fumes exhaust system and an electrical system modernly planned and easy to inspect, which is installed separately from gas components location.

The ironers are aesthetically pleasant and solid, with a strong structure in electro-zinc plated plate, epoxy powder painted. Controls are easy to identify and to reach. GMP’s traditional constructive planning, already shown with the electric-heated products, finds its confirmation in this range of products, for instance in the facility of access to a great part of mechanical components, with minimum equipment and waste of time.
“G” range, tested by the certifying society 0063, has obtained EC certification with excellent results.