Simons Boiler Co., first established in 1932, is a fourth engineers generation Australian owned family company.

With offices in Sydney and in Melbourne, Simons has over 80 years of experience in the field of thermal engineering design, manufacturing and supplying a wide range of steam and hot water boilers Australia wide.

From our humble beginnings producing small steam boilers and irons for the garment industry more than 80 years ago, the company has grown to become a leading supplier of steam and hot water boilers, steam humidifiers, air compressor and garment pressing machinery throughout Australia. In 2010, Simons Green Energy was founded to provide sustainable energy, heating and cooling solutions through its world leading Cogeneration and Trigeneration technologies.

Today our efficient and low carbon equipment portfolio spans Australia’s urban and regional centres and extends to markets across South East Asia in particular Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.

We deliver a full range of services, from initial system design to installation, commissioning, ongoing technical support and maintenance providing our clients with long term and added value solutions.


Since the early 1900’s, the Simons name has been synonymous with Australia’s thermal engineering and refrigeration industries.Through continual innovation, Simons Boiler Co. has evolved in response to the ever changing needs of the industry


Artisan carpenter, Woolf Simons began the business making ice chests in the days before refrigeration, and with sons Asher, Percy, and Sol founded Simons Boiler Company in 1932


In the late 1930’s, Asher Simons, a mechanical engineer, invented a new way to press clothes using an electric iron with a small steam boiler. The invention of the Simons iron was an instant success and later became part of Australia’s War effort pressing military uniforms.

In the 1940’s, the World War II hit Australia, and Simons began producing gas-fired boilers and air compressors in response to the call of the war effort


In the 1970’s the discovery and exploitation of natural gas brought demand for gas boilers and coincided with third-generation engineer Robert Simons entering the business. Since then, Simons’ have continuously been expanding their portfolio of allied steam and hot water products partnering with world wide manufacturers such as Vapac, Trevil, ICI Caldeie, Rapak and Edwards.
By 1978 Simons was exporting to countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong.


Today Simons Boiler is a fourth generation Australian owned company proudly celebrating 80 years of innovation, success and expertise in the thermal engineering market.

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