The VS Series – Electric Steam Boilers

Simons Boiler Co. offers an affordable range of electric and gas, steam and hot water boilers, steam irons, steam humidifiers and presses. We provide a comprehensive range of fully automatic, packaged electric steam boilers in capacities from 2.7 kW (4 kg/h) to 480 kW (764 kg/h)… from 0.27 to 48 boiler h.p. The electric steam boiler is widely accepted as the most preferred type of steam boiler to satisfy a demand for steam up to 500 kW (50 h.p.) with pressures to 725 kPa, where a simple, maintenance free and economical installation is required.

Simons Packaged Automatic Electric Steam Boilers are, and always will be normally available ex-stock. A policy of the Simons organisation for over 80 years.

All Simons VS & SB Series Steam Boilers are designed to Australian Standard No. A.S. 1228 and all amendments thereto. All Simons boilers are inspected during all stages of manufacture by the approved Statutory and Testing Authorities, and on completion are hydrostatically tested to 1125 kPa and certified by the approved Testing Authorities for an operating pressure of 725 kPa. Higher pressure boilers are available on request.