Barangaroo Towers

Scope of Works: Delivery of 13 hot water boilers to the Barangaroo Towers, located on Sydney Harbour foreshore.  These hot water boilers will provide mechanical heating to the 5 out of the 6 buildings for their HVAC requirements.

Equipment supplied

T1 Tower, 3 x REX 240 – 2400Kw

T2 Tower, 2 X REX 140 – 1400Kw & 1 X REX 75, 750Kw

Residential Towers R8 & R8, 4 X Monolite JB 270 condensing ( series condensing hot water boilers with a maximum efficiency of 107% and with low NOX emissions)

Barangatoo Towers will be one of the greenest residential, leisure and commercial precincts in the world – a place for forward-thinking organisations looking for the right environment for their people.