Vapac VapaNet LE – Humidifier

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The VapaNet Water Level Control is engineered to maintain proper humidification, where a brief delay in response is acceptable, as the system adjusts to changing humidification demands

  • Designed with user interaction in mind.
  • It is easy to gain instant information about the performance of the humidifier.
  • Commissioning: The humidifier is factory set to perform at optimum levels.
  • Capacity 5 – 110 Kg/hr steam generation.
  • LE 60 +: Have two cylinders
  • Humidity Control: ± 10%
  • It incorporates an intelligent combination of feeding, boiling and draining to minimise wastage of water and energy.
  • Water Level control technology gives a performance turndown of between 20% and 100% of designated unit performance.
  • The LE model can be configured as an On / Off device and used as a slave in a larger system, or as a proportional control device in stand-alone application