Vapac Microvap LEC Laboratory – Steam Humidifier

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Laboratories are typically small spaces with frequent and sometimes continuous fresh air change, where humidity must be maintained within close tolerances. Brief ‘blips’ in humidity levels associated with the Humidifier feed and drain cycles are usually unacceptable. Microvap LMD, a range of twin cylinder units that will deliver and maintain humidification instantly modulated to match changes in demand.

  • Humidification production without interruption
  • Designed for exacting demands
  • Close Control – Constant Output
  • No supply water treatment is necessary to deliver steam to the process without interruption.
  • Accuracy to ± 1 %
  • Capacity: 5-45 Kg/hr steam production
  • LEC System: A twin cylinders unit that delivers and maintains humidification levels, instantly modulated to match changes in demand.
  • .Signals:  Respond to all common control signals which can be simply connected to the Microvap controller. There is signal isolation and the connection is not polarity sensitive which helps facilitate installation.