Simons SB 3S – Electric Steam Boilers

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All Simons Boilers are designed to Australian Standard No. 1228.

The Simons SB 3s steam boiler is widely accepted as the most preferred type of boiler to satisfy a demand for steam up to 67 kg/hr, where a simple, maintenance free and economical installation is required.


Simons SB 3S 20 kW – 30 kW

  • Steam capacity ranges from  26.9 kg / hour to 56.1 kg / hour at 690 Kpa.
  • No boiler attendant required.
  • Simple to install, maintain and operate.
  • Fully qualified after sales service.
  • Compact design.
  • Supported by a sales and service network throughout Australia, Asia and the Middle East.
  • Capacity :20 to 42 kilowatts (2 to 4.2 HP). 32 kg/h to 67 kg/h
  • Electric elements:  side entry individually flanged and bolted to provide quick and simple replacement at minimum cost.
  • Fully packaged : with feed water pump mounted to boiler cabinet, all integrally piped and wired, pretested ready for connection to services.
  • Restyled cabinets : with panels to provide ready access to all working components.
  • Working pressures to 725kPa (10 5 P.S.I.G) Higher pressures available on request.

SB 3S New final


  • Hospital Sterilisers.Autoclaves
  • Autoclaves.
  • Laundries & Dry Cleaners
  • Industrial process heating.
  • University research, teaching & development applications.
  • Steam jacketed pans for heating food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical products.
  • Humidification to air conditioning systems for humidity control.
  • Steam injection to bakery and pastry ovens, dairies, tool steel, cable making.
  • Horticultural soil sterilising.
  • Apiaries.
  • Steam rooms.
  • Tyre retreading equipment.