Series 25 – Roller Ironers

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The Series 25 is divided into GMP 100/25, GMP 120/25, GMP 1400ES and GMP 1400ES.

The range of ironers with roller diameter 250 mm is the natural evolution of smaller models GMP 1000 and GMP 1200. During last years markets in which GMP is operating refer to these models as the most suitable products for little integrated laundry (a laundry installation inside a predominant activity). Thanks to their very simple and practical use and to the extreme competitiveness of acquisition and operating costs these ironers allow obtaining better performances and ironing quality than smaller models without renouncing to maximum safety for operators. In comparison to models of series 20, the range 25 has got a larger ironing surface, a higher ironing pressure and a bigger heating power. To these, other characteristics must be added for GMP 1400ES.A. Analysing the name of this model, GMP 1400ES.

“ES” means Energy Saving, to indicate a study purposely done to obtain good performances saving electrical energy (only 7,5 Kw power), while the initial “A” indicates the presence of an efficacious exhaust suction system (application typical of products with bigger dimensions), which allows obtaining higher output and saves roller padding from hydrolysis effects. The model GMP 1400ES.A in particular, represents a link with the range of professional machines (with roller diameter 300 mm), being planned for users of middling size. Equipped with double switch pedal, second ironing speed and exhaust suction system it offers great performances and mechanical reliability, minimizing operating and maintenance costs. Last but not least feature of this model is the great competitiveness in comparison to similar models already present on the market. The series 25 includes four basis-model that, to satisfy most exigent markets, GMP can equip with accessories planned and expressly realised thanks to our experience to obtain performances, which can satisfy specific needs of final customer.

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