ICI Caldaie STELT – Condensing Hot Water Boiler

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STELT is a high efficiency condensing boiler.  This three pass reverse flame wet back horizontal firetube boiler is suitable for use on gaseous fuels. With maximum efficiency of 107%,  the STELT condensing hot water boiler complies with European standards.

  • 75 kW – 320 kW STELT Condensing boilers for single or modular use
  • Maximun efficiency of 107%
  • Compact dimensions.
  • Fully manufactured from titanium stainless steel AISI 316 Ti.
  • Can be  easily used on the traditional heating circuits -radiators, heating fan coils, and more-  increasing the efficiency up to 107%.
  • High water content
  • Twin water return
  • STELT features a large cylindrical stainless steel AISI 316 Ti reverse flame STELT FEaturesfurnace capable of resisting acid condensate corrosion.
  • Supplied with a burner mounting plate, that can be matched with pressure jet burners for gaseous fuels use.
  • The stainless steel flue passages, around the furnace, have a particular inner corrugated shape capable of increasing the heat exchange surface, increasing turbulence and thermal exchange to allow adequate drainage of condensate droplets.



  • HospitalsICI_CALDAIEHealtchare
  • Commercial buildings
  • Government buildings
  • Commercial and Industrial applications