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The MONOLITE JB is a condensing hot water boiler with a very high efficiency (max. 107,5%) which places it at the peak of the classification according to European standards (Output Directive 92/42/EEC). MONOLITE JB is single pass wet back firetube boiler suitable for use on gaseous fuels.

The reasons for this high efficiency are:

  •  Recovery of the latent heat by condensation of the water vapour present in the flue gases;
  • Extremely low flue temperature, equal to to that of the return water plus about 10 deg. C;
  • Reduction to a minimum of heat loss through the boiler casing, as the boiler may operate regularly alternating total off-periods without limits, below the
  • water temperature.
  • 95 – 851 kW MONOLITE JB  Condensing boilers
  • Extremely high energy savings due to condensing technology
  • Maximum efficiency of 107,5%
  • ★★★★ Performance directive 92/42/EEC
  • The AISI 316 Ti furnace and vertical flues are capable of resisting attacks from acidic condensation.

MONOLITE JB  condensing boilers are entirely built out of stainless steel where they come in direct contact with flue gases.monolite vecchia spaccato 1 (a)_large

  • The furnace is large and with passing flame, in order to reduce the formation of NOx to a minimum.
  • The vertical flue conduits are moulded to obtain an increased exchange surface and to increase the turbulence of the flue gas. This makes maximum use of both latent and sensible heat in the exhaust gases, obtaining extremely high performance.
  • With its stainless steel surfaces and high water content, is a COMPLETE SHUTDOWN boiler that can work with very low flow rates.

MOnolite table

  • Hospitals
  • Residential buildings
  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Government buildings
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Commercial and Industrial applications