Baxi Luna MP+ Wall Hung Condensing Boiler

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Condensing boiler technology is the latest face of boiler innovation. By employing pre-mix burner know-how, condensing boilers ensure higher performance. Condensing boilers are cleaner than standard boilers as almost all the heat available through combustion is recovered without wasting energy into the air, as happens with traditional boilers.

Baxi Luna Condensing boilers have a compact design and are suitable for indoor and outdoor installations.

  • Six models 35kW – 110kW
  • Efficiency at 50 C° 97%
  • Efficiency at 80 C° 90%
  • Environmentally friendly – reduce up to 80% of NOx and 90% of CO2
  • Approved for Natural gas and Propane
  • Ideal for single unit installations and cascade systems of up to 12 boilers in series
  • Compact with a soundproof enclosure
  • ‘think’ intelligent system management to maximise component integration efficiency
  • Condensing pre-mix boilers are synonymous with energy saviBaxi featurengs and reduced emissions.
  • Used in low temperature systems, condensing boilers typically facilitate a reduction of 30% in gas expenditure.
  • Stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Modulating fan for ensuring the maximum efficiency and the constant air / gas rating for the whole range of output
  • • Overheat limit thermostat for water/flue exchanger,
    electronic temperature control by NTC probes
    • Hydraulic differential pressure switch in event of
    low water or high pressure
    • Electronic thermometer, heating pressure gauge
    • Heating and DHW integrated in the control panel
    • Flow over-temperature thermostat


  • Hospitals
  • Commercial buildingsbaxi luna applications
  • Government buildings
  • Commercial and Industrial applications

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