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Simons Boilers supply a range of boiler accessories

A boiler is just one part of a well designed steam system.
Simons Boilers supply a range of boiler accessories.

Steam Accumulators

An insulated steel pressure tank containing hot water and steam under pressure. It can be used to smooth out peaks and troughs in demand for steam.

Ideal for industries that involve batch processes, short-duration, high-flow rate steam is required, often at a rate that is much higher than the boiler’s maximum output.

Simons provided a 3000L steam accumulator that will deal with sudden peak demand of steam required at a Macadamia Processing Plant


For removing oxygen from the feed water and we can design, manufacture & supply stainless steel deaerator to suit individual requirement

Water treatment

Water treatment is essential for proper boiler operation and we can suggest and supply suitable water treatment plant to treat supply water to meet Australian Standard.

Steam headers

We can design and supply steam header to meet individual installation requirement.


Tanks are manufactured in various sizes and materials to suit the application. Equipment may range from a basic stainless steel feed tank through to a full de-aeration system designed for large water tube boilers.

Flue gas economisers

To heat feed water using flue gas and we can supply various sizes to suit the application. Typical efficiency gain is 4 to 5%.

Blowdown vessels/

Tanks are designed and manufactured to AS1210 in various sizes to suit requirement including auto cooling system to control waste water temperature to comply to standard.

Gas, water and steam flow meters

Magnetic flow metre, mass flow metre, turbine flow metre, steam/ water/ gas valves
PRESSURE REDUCING STATIONS We can design, select & supply pressure reducing station and other steam control equipment to suit process requirement.

Control  Panel


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