30 Aug 2017
Wednesday, 30th August, 2017

Manly Spirits – steam pump

Not since rum was a currency in the colony of Sydney have Australians had such an interest in distilling their own spirits. Source – ABC news

“The Australian gin industry has more than doubled its size it was two years ago. The local spirits industry is generating $1.8 billion in revenue, according to researchers IBIS World, and creating regional jobs and export income. “ Australian Distillers Association president Stu Gregor said.

Manly Spirit

David and Vanessa first discussed the possibility of one day owning their own distillery in 2015 as they were driving through the hills of Tasmania. Following intensive research exploring distilleries in the USA, Europe, UK and Scotland the pair committed to their plan and sought hands-on training from a leading distillery in Tasmania.

Fast forward 18 months, Manly Spirits Co. Distillery began their operation in April 2017.

Manly Spirit had clear objectives –  To create Australian Gins, Vodkas and Whiskies that rival the best in the world. To showcase what Australian spirits are all about by including marine botanicals and Australian natives from their local aread.


Simons Boilers designed and installed a 250kW gas boiler at Manly Spirits Distillery in Brookvale. Neil Anderson, service manager at Simons Boilers, and his team liased closely with David Whittaker from Manly Spirit to ensure a smooth installation of the Boiler. The gas Boiler is key to the operation of the distillery and therefore it was important to get the boiler installed and commissioned in a timely manner.

STEAM PUMP – VIDEO EMBEDDED https://www.facebook.com/manlyspirits/

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