Simons Boilers are getting prepared to deliver 13 hot water boilers to the Barangaroo Towers, located on Sydney Harbour foreshore.  These hot water boilers will provide mechanical heating to the 5 out of the 6 buildings for their HVAC requirements.

Barangaroo’s commercial buildings will install the REX series hot water boilers that have been custom made.  Simons Boilers will also provide the residential buildings with Monolite series condensing hot water boilers with a maximum efficiency of 107% and withlow NOX emissions.

Simons Boilers are pleased to contribute high quality products to Barangaroo’s new commercial and residential precinct that will become a world class centre for global financial and professional services.

It will be one of the greenest residential, leisure and commercial precincts in the world – a place for forward-thinking organisations looking for the right environment for their people.

Michael Nolan from Simons Boilers commented that “we worked hard to secure Simons Hot water Boilers into the Barangaroo precinct. It is exciting to be a part of this incredible new development, which continues to put Sydney on the international stage”.


Monolite  – High efficiency Condensing Hot Water Boilers

High Efficiency Condensing Hot Water Boiler

Monolite High Efficiency Condensing Hot Water Boiler

The MONOLITE JB is a condensing hot water boiler with a very high efficiency (max. 107,5%) which places it at the peak of the classification according to European standards (Output Directive 92/42/EEC).  MONOLITE JB is single pass wet back firetube boiler suitable for use on gaseous fuels.

The reasons for this high efficiency are:

  • Recovery of the latent heat by condensation of the water vapour present in the flue gases;
  • Extremely low flue temperature, equal to to that of the return water plus about 10 deg. C;
  • Reduction to a minimum of heat loss through the boiler casing, as the boiler may operate regularly alternating total off-periods without limits, below the water temperature.

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REX F – Hot Water Boilers

Simons REX hot water boiler is a three pass reverse flame wet back horizontal firetube boiler suitable for operation on either Gas or lights oil. The REX hot water boiler combines

excellent reliability and durability with high thermal performance.

BenefitsRex F_high res 

  • Efficiency exceeding 90%.
  • Long-lasting boilers
  • High water volume
  • Anti scale and anti condensate design
  • Built with the highest precision to provide maximum reliability
  • High performance steel fire tube with forced draft burner for return water temperature above 55 C°
  • All Boilers carry the “CE” mark and have the following certifications:
  • 90/396/CE GAS + 92/42/CE Efficiency – 2 & 3 Star

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For more information contact Mikael Nolan on 02 8338 8660 or email Mikael on

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