Steam Boilers

Simons Boiler Co. manufacture & distribute a variety of high quality Gas-Diesel and Electric steam boilers for commercial use.

Browse our range of fully automatic electric steam boilers and highly reliable Gas-Diesel steam boilers.

Simons Boilers VS and SB Electric Steam Boilers

Steam boilers from the VS and SB electric series are ideal for generating steam for clothes pressing, laundry, hospital, food processing and steam room applications.

Simons Boilers Gas-Diesel Steam Boilers

Our gas-diesel steam boiler range includes the Simons vertical watertube – VWT Series- and the  WT Series for industrial applications. The vertical steam boilers are ideal for rapid steam generation in bakeries, dry cleaning, food processing, hospitals, pharmaceutical and rubber processing industries.

Steam Boilers

A steam boiler is a pressure vessel which converts water into steam, which is then piped off for use. The heat source for modern steam boilers is usually either electricity or gas. The boiler might be a ‘closed’ system, in which 100% of the steam is recaptured in the form of water, to be reconverted back into steam and reused, or it might be an ‘open’ system, in which the steam is allowed to escape, requiring the boiler to be continually fed with water.

When you’re investing in steam boiler technology, it’s important to choose the right boiler for your needs. You’ll need to consider what fuel you will be using, what pressure you need from your boiler and what the operational loads will be – not just your current peak loads but what your likely future requirements might be, so as to minimise future.

Guide To Choosing The Right Steam Boiler For The Application

  • What type of boiler do you need – Water Tube – vertical / horizontal or Fire Tube
  • FUEL – What fuel is available on site – Electricity, Gas, LPG, Diesel or Biogas
  • Size of the boiler required, kg/hr – calculate the Steam Load – consider instantaneous peak loads
  • What pressure is required
  • Australian Standards AS1228 (AS 1228:2016 – Pressure equipment – Boilers)
  • Try to upsize the boiler to allow for peak loads, deviations and losses

Need help choosing the right steam boiler model, specifications or design?  Give us a call on 02 8338 8660 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you!

Checklist To Help Design Your Steam System

  • POWER – Is there power adequate onsite power?
  • FUEL – Is there Gas, Diesel or LPG facilities in sufficient volume & pressure for the load?
  • WATER SUPPLY – Is there suitable water quality. RO & Acidity Issues to be addressed
  • DRAINAGE – Adequate and suitable for hot water discharge?
    • Weatherproofing – no steam boilers are built for outdoors
    • Ability to install flue e.g impossible in shopping centre, Hospital CSD mid-building
  • STEAM PIPING – Pipe size is adequate for required flow, slope towards trap, offtakes only off top of pipes, design in adequate steam traps, separators, insulation, gauges to ensure good steam quality
  • ANCILLARIES – Feed water tank, blow down tank, steam accumulator, steam control systems

Gas Versus Electric Steam Boilers

  • Cheapest fuel – electricity, Natural Gas/ LPG/ Diesel
  • Maintenance requirement to AS2593 for various types of boilers (AS 2593-2004 (R2016) Boilers – Safety management and supervision systems)
  • Inspection requirement
  • Natural Gas, Diesel and LPG boilers require exhaust fluing – complex and costly exercises, especially when a boiler plantroom is located in a basement or mid building location
  • Electric Boilers are 99% efficient compared to the 82-84% of Gas, Diesel and LPG boilers
  • Considering all of the above, Electric boilers may provide lower life cycle costs

Need help choosing the right steam boiler model, specifications or design?  Give us a call on 02 8338 8660 or fill out our contact form and we’ll get back to you!

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